I have a friend named Catie. Catie is a runner. I always thought Catie was crazy. Then I started getting jealous of Catie. Because Catie was running all of these races at Walt Disney World. Being a lover of all things Disney, I wanted in. It looked…fun. Except for the running. So in August 2013, I started running. And in February 2014, I decided to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February of 2015.

Somewhere along the way I fell in love with the running. I did run the Glass Slipper Challenge in 2015, but I’ve run 12 half marathons, six 10Ks, six 5Kss, a 10-miler, and 5 mileage challenges since then.

I am also a doctor (PhD, analytical chemistry).

Currently in training for Dumbo Double Dare 2017 on the road to the Dopey Challenge in 2018!