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The Road to Dopey – Week 72: Still Streaking

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June Miles: 29.2
June Average Pace: 13:41
2017 Miles to Date: 363.5
Streak Day: 228 (Maximum: 228)
June Goal: 65.0 miles

RW Summer Streak: Day 14

Days to Disneyland Double Dare: 81
Days to my first marathon: 98
Days to Dopey: 207

This week was a momentous week. A lot of good things happened. For the most part good, anyway. I didn’t quite stick to the mileage plan I laid out last week, but I will get to it after tomorrow.

18814521_1798283597152071_3835603695200802980_oMonday, I went for an easy 2 miles. It was nice to just get out and stretch my legs but not feel the need to go fast or hard. Tuesday morning, I got up early and ran with my Dopeys on our normal 4 mile trek. For me, at least, this was the fastest I’ve ever run it since moving here in August. Prior to Tuesday, I had never run that route with a sub-13 min/mi average, and had only seen averages like this when I raced at lower elevations after training at these higher ones. So it was encouraging to be sure. Makes me believe that all this strength training I’m putting in just might be worth it.

Keeping that in mind, I did go ahead and do my hill repeats on Wednesday morning. I’m feeling stronger doing those, so I know they must be working. They are also enabling to start running up some of the hills on my routes, which is undoubtedly contributing to my speeds. I don’t run the full intervals up the hills, but I do try to run the walks uphill and then switch back over to the run intervals on flats or downhills. It’s definitely a sign of improvement compared to when I was only walking up the hills.

18952728_1799523250361439_5746830544571880108_nThursday I did the normal 4 miles again on my own, a little slower, but still good. Thursday was a bigger day than that though, because it was also the day I took the plunge and signed up for my first full marathon in September. It was a daunting task to face and for some reason I’m more scared of completing it than I am tackling the Dopey Challenge in January. But I know it is something I have to do. And I know that I can’t let self-doubt hold me back from doing it. Marathons are as much physical as they are mental and so my training this summer will partially be convincing my body to keep going.

Friday I went for 1 of the 2 easy miles I had scheduled. I was tired and a little sore from the week, so I didn’t want to push it with the long runs I had planned for the weekend. Friday was the last day of the school year (except for finals this week) which is great. I’m really looking forward to summer vacation – training, running at Disneyland, various craft projects, puzzles & movies/Netflix, reading, and just general relaxation. I haven’t had a summer off in a very long time.

Saturday I woke up with the intention of doing my 12 mile long run. I got up, I ate some dry cheerios, I waited about an hour and then I got dressed and headed out the door. From the moment I hit go on my watch, I felt off. And if there’s one problem with my long run route, there aren’t really any bathrooms. 1 mile in, I turned around and headed home. I felt better later, but I was worried about pushing myself and decided I would put off my 12 until today or Monday.

This weekend in my Goofy Training plan I was supposed to run 3 and 13. Due to my route limitations, it would actually be 4 and 12. I had originally intended to reverse these two runs (do the 12 first) because I had plans with friends on Saturday night and knew I would be getting to bed later than I would like. Because of my mishaps yesterday, I will be doing them in order instead. I did my 4 miles this morning and intend to get my 12 tomorrow morning because I don’t have to be to school until the afternoon.

I felt really good on my four miles this morning. I probably could have kept going if I had brought fuel with me. But I didn’t, and the weather was a little rough and expected to get rougher, so I decided to stick to the 4 miles I set out to do. I ran 5K of the 4 miles in 39 minutes and decided to go ahead and count it as my Virtual Shorts June 5K! People have already started receiving their medals for these races, which is very exciting! I hope mine come soon. I figure I need to start earning them before they get here!

My training plan for the week is this

  • Monday: 12 miles
  • Tuesday: 2 easy miles
  • Wednesday: 4 miles
  • Thursday: Hill Repeats
  • Friday: 4 miles
  • Saturday: 2 easy miles
  • Sunday: 5 miles

Wish me luck with tomorrow. I’m going to try eating half a bagel with some peanut butter prerun, since I need to start figuring out prerace fuel again (especially before the full).


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