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The Road to Dopey – Week 71: 37 Days of Awesome

18891732_1795546194092478_3933566640181215158_oJune Miles: 8.4
June Average Pace: 13:44
2017 Miles to Date: 342.7
Streak Day: 221 (Maximum: 221)
June Goal: 65.0 miles

RW Summer Streak: Day 7

Days to Disneyland Double Dare: 88
Days to my first marathon: 105
Days to Dopey: 214

I ran almost every day this week (yesterday I walked the Farmer’s Market). Never more than my normal 4 miles, but still. The Summer Streak from Runner’s World is off to a pretty good start.

After a dismal training week last week, this week was almost the opposite. Monday I made it out for the 3.5 miles I need to give me 11 for my long run last weekend. Then on Tuesday, I got up early and got another 3 with my group. Wednesday evening, I had a slow 3 on the trails. Thursday evening I had a hot and slow 3 on the hills. Friday morning I had a quick mile. Saturday I walked this Farmer’s Market. Today, I had an okay 3 (started good, ended less).

Part of the trick of this streak has been 1) figuring out where my “junk” miles are going to be. I can’t run all out everyday – at least not right now. I need slow days as much as I need fast days. This week was hard to strike that balance intentionally because of the need for the rest of my long run miles on Monday. This week, I’m going to try and do better with the following plan:

  • Monday: 2 easy miles
  • Tuesday: 4 miles
  • Wednesday: Hill Repeats
  • Thursday: 4 miles
  • Friday: 2 easy miles
  • Saturday: 13 miles
  • Sunday: 3 miles

This week also is my first back-to-back long run weekend. I’m doing it backwards (because I may be hanging out with some friends Saturday night and want to get enough sleep).

The other key to this streak thing is 2) taking care of my body. Foam rolling and yoga have become a daily staple in this house (sometimes more than once a day). This became especially crucial this week when my ITB flared up. Yay (said no one ever).

Not much else to report this week. It was a slow going week full of miles. Next week will be even more, with a better plan to get some quick runs in with the slow ones. Until then…



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