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The Road to Dopey: Week 70 – Seasons may change, Winter to Spring.

18582201_10211477765094262_8732971318036110594_nMay Miles: 55.5
May Average Pace: 14:08
2017 Miles to Date: 324.8
Streak Day: 214 (Maximum: 214)
May Goal: 50.0 miles

Days to Disneyland Double Dare: 95
Days to my first marathon: 112
Days to Dopey: 221

It was not my week. Not for running anyway. But I think one of the keys to the successful runner is 1) not quitting when things get hard and 2) turning the bad week into motivation for the next. And I’m striving to do both of those things after this week.

At least the view was good.

Monday was good. I did my Abs and Arms workout, plus I rolled the fitness dice and did my yoga routine. Then Tuesday afternoon, I met up with my Dopey’s for our usual run. Jaime had texted me earlier that day to ask if I had a preference of where we ran that night (other than shady, as I had requested Sunday). After a rough day at work, I told her I didn’t really care and we wound up running trails. Now, other than the bits of trail I ran in Texas when the pavement ended and the trails I used to run with the group I joined when I first moved here, I’m not a trail runner. And I’ve never done a run that was almost entirely on trail. I was not prepared for it, in the least. And I had no idea that you could expect your pace to slow so much on trails (although in hindsight it makes perfect sense). Having since read this article from Runner’s World, I think I’ll be a little better prepared if and when there is a next time.

18671622_1791820894465008_3289598522013587371_oWednesday morning, I had to get up and hit the pavement 1) for the sake of the cooler temperatures and 2) because I had plans Wednesday evening. I felt Tuesday night’s trail run in every step of Wednesday morning, which slowed me down significantly. However, it’s one of those situations where I could have turned around at any given moment, and instead I told myself I could slow down, but I had to finish. And so even though it was slower than I had been in a while, I still got the miles on my feet.

18623622_1792289677751463_2003466860221466231_oThursday came early because my Dopeys had decided to run with me, but one of us had to be at work by 7 am. So I met them at 5:30 for our run, during which some ran distance and some ran hills with me. I did my normal hill repeats, which felt good (which was nice after the two disappointing runs I had had already during the week).

Friday, I had seriously considered a yoga-only rest day, but then I decided to do my whole workout instead. So I did Arms + Abs, rolled the fitness dice, and did my yoga routine. I felt great doing it and then yesterday when I did my small ab workout, I actually increased my reps because when I got done with 15 I felt like I could have kept going. So I did. I was hopeful that the strength I was feeling after some dismal weekday runs would translate to a good long run today.

Spoiler alert: It didn’t.

18738376_1793884810925283_6655496679392706876_oThis morning’s run started out solo. I had 11 on the calendar and my group was only going for 8, so I set out 45 minutes before them for a 3 mile out and back before starting with them. And we started great. My body felt great – I was bounding, felt fairly warmed up. Had to make an unexpected bathroom stop because the park bathrooms had been locked at the end of my 3, and I think that started throwing off my rhythm. I needed to walk suddenly, and it just got worse. By the time we had reached the street I live on, I had bonked so hard I wasn’t sure I was going to make it back to my car. And I decided not to risk it, handed my car key to Jaime, and walked home. And, in hindsight, I’m really glad I did because once I got home and showered, I was lightheaded and shaky until I ate something. I’m not sure if I’d walked the last few miles, what kind of shape to drive myself home I would have been in.

18301512_703091733229381_8631275807734509430_nI have never bonked that hard in my life – even when I was living in Texas. After an already disappointing week, it was incredibly disheartening. I plan to get the 3.5 I’m short tomorrow, which will kick off the summer Runner’s World Streak (#37daysofawesome). I plan on going streaking, even if I walk a mile around the block on some days. I didn’t manage to do this over Christmas and would really like to do it now.

Weeks like this make me seriously question this thing I’ve decided to do. What if I bonk at my full marathon? What if I bonk at Dopey? Am I crazy to think I can take either of those things on. Bad runs happen, I know that. And they make the good runs all the sweeter. And I know this week was partially due to the change in the seasons that has finally arrived (and decided to stay this time) and my body not quite acclimated to that yet. Here’s hoping next week is better. At least it can’t be much worse.


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