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The Road to Dopey – Week 68: Spring Cold Strikes

It was Tinker Bell Half Weekend at Disneyland this weekend!

May Miles: 22.7
May Average Pace: 13:40
2017 Miles to Date: 319.1
Streak Day: 200 (Maximum: 200)
May Goal: 50.0 miles

Days to Disneyland Double Dare: 109
Days to my first marathon: 126
Days to Dopey: 235

I was doing pretty well as far as working out was concerned. Especially with doing my workouts in the mornings instead of the afternoons/evenings. Then, on Thursday, I woke up feeling exhausted. I thought it was because the previous two nights I hadn’t gotten as much sleep as I would have liked. So I decided I would swap my Thursday and my Friday and see about doing my hill repeats workout on Friday morning instead. But then as the day went on, I started feeling that tell-tale feeling in the back of my throat. I went home from work (exhausted) and took all the cold meds and got a good night’s rest. When I woke up the next morning, I wasn’t feeling horrible, but I decided not to go running. I was worried I was going to get worse when I needed to get better (I have to make it through the end of the term). So I took Friday off as well, hoping that I would be able to get in my long-run over the weekend. But as Friday wore on, and I came home from work exhausted at lunch time, I knew it was in my best interest to stay home and do as little as possible this weekend. I wanted to make sure this cold got better, not worse. That I only missed a few runs, not a lot.

Yes, it was disappointing to miss my 9 miler. But As I sit here typing, I feel myself hovering on that line of getting better and this becoming a full blown cold. And I know I made the right call. Tonight, I hope to get in my full core workout (I focused on just doing yoga the last few days) and tomorrow the same. And then back on the pavement Tuesday, assuming I continue on the uptick, not the down. And then my plan is to do 6-7 instead of 4 next weekend ahead of the 11 miler for the following weekend I have scheduled.

Here’s hoping. See you next week.


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