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The Road to Dopey – Week 67: Warm Weather Comes… or Still Figuring Some Things Out

18319418_1783323501981414_1593398983744838418_oMay Miles: 14.2
May Average Pace: 13:42
2017 Miles to Date: 310.6
Streak Day: 193 (Maximum: 193)
May Goal: 50.0 miles

Days to Disneyland Double Dare: 116
Days to my first marathon: 133
Days to Dopey: 242

Spring came with a vengeance this week. It has since gone back into hiding, but is scheduled to make another appearance midweek. Which made running interesting because it went from cold to warm with no in between. No lead up with my body adjusting to it. Just 40 one day, 70+ the next.

It was okay on Tuesday; I managed to keep a decent pace on my evening run with my Dopeys all things considered. But Wednesday evening it proved too much for my body (which has already forgotten the Texas summer heat and humidity, it would seem). I wound up with less than the 4 miles I want on Wednesdays and walking a lot of it. Thursday’s Hill Repeats were a much better experience comparatively (thanks to being in the morning and, therefore, cooler). The Hill Repeats are nice. I’m actually “enjoying” them and am glad I’ve incorporated them into my routine. My running week was rounded out with a nice 5K today with my Dopeys. The weather was a little chilly at the start, but it made for an overall GREAT run. Our pace was amazing and, more importantly, it FELT great. Fast. Flat. Fantastic.

The crosstraining/core work side of things had an okay week comparatively this week. I did great with my workout on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but by Friday and Saturday I was on what I affectionately have begun calling “Unintentional Yoga-Only Rest Days” (because I still have to do SOMETHING to keep my streak alive!). I can’t decide if it was because my body is tired for the workouts or just the week in general. This week, I’m going to challenge myself to do all my core workouts in the morning to get them done and see if that helps me get them done.

Full report to come next weekend. Keep running.



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